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Managing Wireless Network Access Services

The EION network management system, Constellation, provides full TMN architecture. The implementation is a three - tier architecture, based on SNMP v2, RMI, Java, JDBC and other open interfaces. This provides simple integration of Constellation into existing management and billing systems of the service providers or adaptation to the specific requirements of the environment.

Service provisioning is an important aspect for every network service provider. The Constellation provisioning system offers the ability to provide a broad portfolio of access services in a large scale deployment, suitable for residential and enterprise customers alike. Service provisioning through Constellation is supported for both StarMAX 16d and StarPlus based networks.

EION Constellation network management system is a three-tier distributed client/server network management and provisioning system. In this architecture, all the data processing is implemented by the middle tier servers. All the data, gathered by Constellation is stored in a relational management/ provisioning database. Data contained in the database is available to other applications via NBI RMI interfaces. The managed information is structured according to different MIB tables, standard as well as proprietary MIBs.


  • Carrier-class Network Management and Service provisioning System

  • Support for bulk management services enables large scale service deployment and management of WiMAX and StarPlus networks

  • Fault management for detection of network problems and service outages

  • Configuration management for centralized configuration of network elements

  • Performance management for tracking network usage, network element performance and QoS

  • Security management for controlling access to network elements and other resources

  • Regional organization of network elements in geographical or logical domains for more efficient visualization and presentation

  • Flexible three-tier architecture for optimal deployment

Constellation Datasheet

3rd Party Tools


EION Wireless products implement SNMPv2 (Simple Network Management Protocol) to interface with 3rd Party management systems.

SNMP management software is installed on a networked PC or workstation and enables a network administrator to remotely manage EION Wireless units. SNMP network management software is available commercially and as shareware. We Recommend:

Network Monitoring Software by SolarWinds

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