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Global Security Innovations (GSI) offers innovative security products, services and technical solutions to corporate, defence, government and security markets. GSI provides your organization with an integrated, end-to-end practical, effective and sustainable security solution. GSI’s operatives and executives have extensive worldwide experience in security planning, product development and training. Our high level expertise comes from the military, Special Forces, law enforcement and business communities.


As an IP-based multimedia overlay network, Mutualink is designed to leverage the sharing of your existing radio, video, telephone, and IP-sensory equipment including disparate systems, as well as next-generation communication technology.

Mutualink's patented architecture provides unmatched flexibility, reliability and control. Security and Public Safety agencies using Mutualink have the dual benefit of maintaining full control of their radio, video, telephone, and IP-sensory related resources, while making them available for interoperable connection with other agencies' systems with the click of a mouse. Interconnection with the Mutualink network is achieved without impacting the operation of existing console and remote control equipment.


Provectus Robotics Solutions (PRS) are industry leaders in advanced robotic system design, integration and control. Located in Ottawa, ON, Canada, PRS delivers robotic products and services to the aerospace, agricultural, industrial, mining, military and security industries. 

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