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StarPlus 4448


The StarPlus 4448 Broadband Wireless Security Platform is designed for federal government agencies and military organizations to create a highly secure broadband wireless infrastructure. StarPlus 4448 combines advanced OFDM technology with strong AES encryption to deliver breakthrough performance in the licensed NATO band. With the application of a multiple association software key, the

Point-to-Point StarPlus 4448 can be upgraded to operate in a point-to-multipoint mode for wide area coverage. The flexible StarPlus 4448 is the ideal wireless platform to meet the exacting requirements placed on national security infrastructure.

The StarPlus 4448 base radio is packaged in an IP67 ruggedized enclosure is suitable for all weather conditions. The specialized design of the finned enclosure allows for stable operation in high heat environments while the integrated vent plug protects electronics in high humidity conditions. The thick all-metal enclosure provides high EMI immunity for stable operation and secures communications in hostile environments.

TrustLink Advantage

TrustLink™ technology ensures equitable distribution of traffic to all subscriber stations and uses intelligence to determine the number of polling cycles every user gets depending on the level of its activity. This way the network resources are not wasted during the polling of inactive users due to no user data transmission. TrustLink can be employed in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks and dramatically reduces the effects of unwanted interference on the wireless link.


  • Point-to-Point and Point-to Multipoint Topologies

  • EION TrustLink™ Technology for security and speed

  • AES Encryption

  • 4.4 to 4.8 GHz licensed range for operation in the NATO frequency band

  • 40 & 20 MHz Channel Sizes

  • 10 MHz Narrow Bandwidth Channel Size

  • NLOS Urban Coverage with OFDM Technology

  • User Friendly Web-Based GUI

  • SNMPv2 and Enterprise MIB for Advanced Network Management

  • High Spectral Efficiency and Robust RF Network Performance

  • Rugged Construction for All Weather Conditions

  • Built-in Lightning, Power Surge POE Protection, High EMI Immunity

StarPlus 4448 Datasheet

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